Hasupah (Revealing God's Treasure)
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Project WORK

Mr. J Srinath of Nissi Ministries obtained copyrights for original DVD (Revealing God's Treasure) produced by Arkdiscovery.com

in all Asian countries.



The DVD is going to be released in all Asian Countries in their local languages.


In India the DVD is translated into 10 Languages (English, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Oriya, Kannada etc ). We have experienced many difficulties and many obstacles during the process, but by the Grace of God we are able to overcome every situation.


The main motive to translate this DVD is to reveal God's glory to the world, to help people realise that GOD is truth and incidences mentioned in the bible are True. We hope that this DVD will be an eye opening to Many people and critics who say that God doesnot exist.